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Herbal Compress Balls

Light Med Spa

we offer a range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments and procedures, often focused on improving the appearance of the skin, reducing signs of aging, and enhancing overall well-being. These spas combine the relaxation and pampering aspects of traditional spas with medical and aesthetic treatments

Free Skin Analyzer Test

We offer a complimentary skin analyzer test that provides a comprehensive and precise analysis of your skin. Whether your skin is dry, sensitive, or has various blemishes, our device can accurately capture details such as wrinkles, blackheads, pore issues, and discolorations. This test will provide you with the most comprehensive skincare information.


Crystal Salt


  • Salmon Hydrating Power                       $450 /2hr

✨ Intense hydration, anti-aging, pore refinement, skin brightening.

  • Little Brown Bottle Hydrotherapy        $450 /2hr

🌟 Fade spots, pigmentation issues, and dullness. Achieve skin whitening and even skin tone, while inhibiting melanin production.

  • Little Brown Bottle + Salmon Compound Hydrotherapy.                                         $600 /2hr

💫 A versatile, high-end hydrotherapy treatment. Whitening, blemish reduction, anti-aging rejuvenation, and skin repair – all in one. Unlock the secrets of youthful skin.



  • 三文鱼水光动能                                    $450 /2hr

✨ 强效保湿,抵御衰老,收敛毛孔,提亮肤色

  • 小棕瓶水光                                            $450 /2hr

🌟 淡化色斑和色素沉淀,拒绝暗沉,实现美白与肤色均匀,抑制黑色素生成

  • 小棕瓶+三文鱼复合水光动能水光      $600/2hr

💫 多效全能水光,美白祛斑,抗衰老回春,修复皮肤,三合一高端医美,绽放青春。


New Dual-Pulse Cryolipolysis Hair Removal                           $2300/ yearly

🌟 Directly targets the root of hair follicles, causing no harm to the skin or tissues.

🌟 Painless, safe, and swift for permanent hair removal.

Choose Cryolipolysis Hair Removal for a painless, safe, and quick solution to permanent hair removal, leaving you free from discomfort.

Asset 3133_edited.png

全新双脉冲模式冰点脱毛                          $2300/ 年卡

🌟 直击毛囊根部,零损伤皮肤与组织

🌟 无痛、安全、快速,实现永久除毛



Pico Laser           $600/2hr.  

4 Times               $2000

🌟 Targeting all pigment-related concerns: freckles, melanin spots, liver spots, dermal spots, age spots, and tattoos.

🌟 Treating various moles: Ota nevus, birthmarks, and pigmentation.

🌟 Erasing all kinds of tattoos, including eyebrow tattoos.

🌟 Brightening dull skin, rejuvenating, and addressing rough skin, restoring its radiance.


超皮秒 (Millbare only)                          $600/2hr.  

4 Times $2000

🌟 针对各类色素问题:雀斑、黄褐斑、黑色素斑、真皮斑、老年斑,以及纹身

🌟 处理各种痣:太田痣、胎记、色素沉积

🌟 消除各种纹身,包括眉毛纹身

🌟 提亮黯淡肤色,嫩肤,解决粗糙肌肤问题,令肌肤重拾光泽

White Structure

Wart and Mole Removal

🌟 Bloodless, scarless, rapid, and highly efficient.

🌟 Speedy recovery without work interruption。



🌟 无血,零疤痕,迅速高效

🌟 快速康复,无需耽误工作时间

Water Drops

Water Lounge Spa

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